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A Quick Look At The Brilliant Child Safety Phone App Available For Both Android And iPhone From KidsBsafe » KidsBsafe

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A Quick Look At The Brilliant Child Safety Phone App Available For Both Android And iPhone From KidsBsafe

There are plenty of child safety apps on the market, but we’re pretty confident that ours is the best.  Of course, we would say that – so we’ve put together some bits of evidence to help us backup this bold claim.  Read on to learn a bit more about who we are and what we’re doing.

1.     Our app is easy to use and simple to set up, no matter what your skill level.

Even if you’re not the most technologically-savvy person in the world, you’ll find that our child safety phone app is exceptionally simple and straightforward to get set up and running.  It’ll replace a lot of the other apps on your kid’s phone, meaning that everything will be really easy for your child to use.

2.     You’ll be able to limit the people your child can call, thus saving on phone bill costs.

Of course, this is a secondary concern for anyone looking around for a child safety phone app for their Android or iPhone – but it’s a wonderful bonus!  You’ll be able to keep track of exactly who your child is able to ring, thus not letting them run up an unsightly bill that you then have to pay.

3.     Our app lets you check your child’s location on Google Maps.

Other child safety phone apps allow you to follow your child’s location on GPS and find out where they are but ours manages to do that in Google Maps – an interface you’re likely to be familiar with already – and has the check-in instigated by the child, thereby protecting their sense of dignity and avoiding the quandaries presented by having them tracked all the while.

4.     You’ve got the ability to set more than one emergency contact.

You can’t always be available 24/7 – but when you aren’t, another parent or guardian of the child will be.  With this child safety phone app for android or iPhone, you’re able to authorise more than one person to look after your child in the event of an emergency.

5.     We let you protect your settings with a unique PIN as safe as your banks.

Of course, no child safety phone app is going to do the job quite right if your child can change the settings – and if your children are as tech-savvy as you are, that could be a genuine concern!  That’s why we’ve protected our app with a PIN that will allow you and only you to alter the settings.

6. A fantastic way to keep up with your child, un-intrusively.

We won’t encourage you to overcrowd your child, to take away their freedom or to panic about them obsessively – in fact, that’s just the behaviour we’re trying to prevent and ameliorate.  Our app isn’t intrusive and won’t make your child feel as though they’re being spied on; it simply allows you to look after them and keep them safe.

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