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Fun Apps for Kids to help Gain Independence and Develop Trust

Often, it is difficult to maintain a balanced relationship with your children.  Sometimes, parents think that their kids are up to no good, and most kids think that their parents are being overbearing.  However, there are compromises out there if you are looking to have a more balanced relationship with your child.

Since arguments can come from the fear for your child’s safety, it is important to find a way to allow your children to have a bit more independence and develop trust.  What if you could get hold of fun apps for kids, which could help you achieve just that?  Whether you need apps for kids android devices or apple, you will find that these apps have a great selection of features for whatever you want to accomplish.

There are apps out there that can help you keep track of your child so you know where they are.  However, the advantage of these cool apps is that they are not about spying on your child.  They are about building trust, whilst knowing that if anything goes wrong, the child has a lifeline.

Kids can be a little bit difficult to deal with when you invade their privacy, so to make sure they understand that isn’t what you are doing, you will want to do the following;

Talk to your Child

One of the most important parts of any change in routine is to talk to your child about it.  Most kids, especially teenagers, don’t mind being told off or lectured so long as they feel like they are being treated as adults.

Let them know that you intend to use these cool apps just to help build a little bit of trust.  It’s got to be better than you following them around everywhere, right?

Explain the Features

You will want to explain to your kids the features of the app.  It’s always nice to get new cool apps but you want to be upfront with your child.  Explain that the app doesn’t allow you to follow their GPS locations unless they activate the GPS function.  That’s where the trust comes in.

Built-in password protection means that only the numbers programmed in by the parent/carer can be called or messaged.  And the child can’t accidentally change or delete them because only the parent can access them for editing.

This Is Not For Spying!

One of the most important things to remember is that this is to help your kid develop away from your watchful eye, not to spy on them.  If you install a spying device, it’s going to damage your relationship even further.  You should be looking to get these apps for kids Android devices purely because you want to know that your child is safe.  That’s why these apps don’t allow you to see the location of your child unless they activate the GPS, meaning that if they are in trouble, they can easily ask for help and allow you to find them.

SMS Locations Are Excellent

A great safety feature of the app is that once a child decides they need to let Mum or Dad know where they are, all they have to do is press the SMS button, which will send details of their location.  This is a vital part of the parenting experience too, as it allows you to feel safe in the knowledge that they can contact you if they need to.

Only the emergency numbers chosen by you will have access to the GPS location.  It may be that you only want the primary emergency contact to have that information.

Educate Your Child

This is an excellent way to educate your child about the importance of safety.   Use this as a means to show your kids that you care and that you want them to be safe, not that you do not trust them.  With all the fun apps for kids out there, you need to let your child understand that they can be used for more serious purposes too, and that this is one of them.

Remember, finally, that trust is built over time.  Your kid will not trust you if they find you installing invasive software on their phone.  But you will be able to trust them because they can always show you where they are.

These apps are actually a brilliant way to help build long-term trust with your child.  Use this as an icebreaker and over time, this could be a good way to solidify your relationship and remove any harbouring feelings of resentment.

Apps for kids Android devices are becoming more popular by the day, and this one offers a fairly comprehensive way to give your kids the protection they need without being too overbearing.  If you think your kid needs a bit more protection, or they need to prove they can be trusted, then this is the ideal way to go.

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