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KidsBsafe Child Safety Phone Apps – Making Fun Apps for Kids Android Devices, Safer.

Are you overwhelmed by the number of applications available nowadays?  In the past, cell phones were chiefly regarded as the “IT” tool of mobile communication, until something great happened, and that something changed people’s perception about cell phones. Apple introduced the iPhone and Google launching the Android powered phones, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for mobile devices.

It is certain that people could envisage the meteoric rise in popularity of both the iPhone and Android devices.  Thanks to third-party developers, the domain of Smartphones has been revolutionized even more, with a perpetual increase in the apps market.  Within the pool of cool apps out there, you would have no trouble finding apps for everyone in the family.

It is pretty likely that you just love your iPhone or Android phone, and for obvious reasons.  Sometimes it serves as a social calendar, sometimes an entertainment guru, sometimes it works as a family organizer and also helps in connecting you with your friends.  Even your kids love your Smartphone; to them it is access to cool & fun apps for kids.  Both the Apple and Android Play Stores offer a plethora of options in terms of fun apps for kids, covering everything from art to education, from music to gaming, with a good deal of artistic fun sandwiched in between.  Undeniably, there are a great number of cool apps aimed only at kids.

But the question which troubles Mums and Dads is whether it is safe to give their child a Smartphone.  These powerful phones are one way through which kids get access to the web and it is thought that 66% of kids operate Smartphones without parental controls.

So, how can parents let their children use this kind of technology, enjoy the fun of apps for kid’s android devices and yet still ensure safety?  Although children love downloading cool apps, whether games or utility apps, can they safely use a smartphone?  With an amazing number of Apps for kid’s android devices, there are safety apps which give that reassurance that parents are looking for.

Encouraging responsible use of technology, internet, games and applications, the KidsBSafe Child Safety Phone App is one of the best safety Apps for kid’s android devices, as well as iPhones.  Making use of light content, colorful & eye-catching graphics, this app is a playful way of kids being able to stay connected with their parents, either through text messages or voice calls, whilst being protected from all the other entrapments of a smartphone.  Encompassing modern design and ease of use, the KidsBsafe Child Safety Phone Apps are fun apps for kids, helping them to keep in touch with their parents.


Password protection allows the parent to program three contact numbers into the phone, including an emergency contact, without any possibility of the child being able to change or delete them accidentally.  These are the only numbers the child can call so you know they can’t contact anyone they shouldn’t, without your knowledge.  In an emergency or just to stay in touch, the child can easily choose which contact to call or message.  If the emergency contact is used, the primary contact receives an SMS to inform them.  And the child can transmit their location to the parent using the GPS locator, so you’ll know where they are if needed.  Recommended for children between the ages of 4-12, the cool design is age appropriate and simple to use.

There is no substitute for parental supervision, but when you can’t be there in person, or you know your child would be happier if they could reach you whenever they want, there is no better substitute for the KidsBsafe Child Safety Phone App.

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