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KidsBsafe Child Safety Phone Apps – Making Fun Apps for Kids Android Devices, Safer.

Are you overwhelmed by the number of applications available nowadays?  In the past, cell phones were chiefly regarded as the “IT” tool of mobile communication, until something great happened, and …

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Fun Apps for Kids to help Gain Independence and Develop Trust

Often, it is difficult to maintain a balanced relationship with your children.  Sometimes, parents think that their kids are up to no good, and most kids think that their parents …

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A Quick Look At The Brilliant Child Safety Phone App Available For Both Android And iPhone From KidsBsafe

There are plenty of child safety apps on the market, but we’re pretty confident that ours is the best.  Of course, we would say that – so we’ve put together …

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Brilliantly useful Child Safety Phone Apps for Android and iPhone – But why Should Parents Use Child Safety Phone Apps ?

Apps that promote child safety can seem a little like one of those things that there’s just no need for.  After all – we grew up without them just fine, …

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